The Next 4 Weeks


17th Nov 2016 - 15th Jan 2017 ALTITUDE For 19 years Durban has been entertained by the Adult Panto team. In an unexpected turn of events the 20th year has been cancelled and replaced by “Not The Adult Panto”.

The Sound of Music

26th Nov 2016 - 30th Dec 2016 Playhouse The warmer weather is a sure sign that in no time, the holidays will be upon us. As the 2016 festive season draws near, make sure to include on your family’s bucket list The Playhouse Company’s fresh new vibrant production of The Sound of Music.


28th Nov 2016 - 22nd Dec 2016 Rhumbelow DBN Come on down to deepest, darkest Umbilo where a host of characters await. You’ll meet a greedy King & his evil wife, the Queen, her vicious pet crow, & their son the Prince; as well as the much drinking, foolish- talking Miller & his beautiful daughter; & a host of other village characters.


28th Nov 2016 - 22nd Dec 2016 Rhumbelow DBN Bring the little ones to the Rhumbelow this festive season for a fun, meaningful Christmas adventure. Durban theatre’s Clare Mortimer has written a delightful play especially for the young ones which promises to be full of laughter, song, dance, and audience participation.


2nd Dec 2016 - 8th Jan 2017 KickstArt Sleeping Beauty. Inspired by the film Frozen, this magical tale unfolds in a magical Scandinavian country, all Gothic towers, wreathed with snow, crystal and ice, and promises a romantic, enchanting adventure for all ages.


8th Dec 2016 - 11th Dec 2016 UKZN Centre for Jazz The Linda Vargas Flamenco Dance Company in collaboration with jazz musicians Neil Gonsalves (piano), Demi Fernandez (jazz/flamenco guitar) once again take to the intimate venue of UKZN’s Jazz Centre to present Juego Flamenco.

‘THE CHAIN’ - The Fleetwood Mac Story

9th Dec 2016 - 18th Dec 2016 Rhumbelow DBN The Fleetwood Mac story is an episodic saga that spans more than 30 years, starting in 1967 as a British blues band that later became a California-based pop group in the mid-Seventies. In between came a period where Fleetwood Mac shuffled personnel and experimented with styles, all the while releasing solid albums with chart topping hits.

Windsor T & T - LOOP STREET ( Chloe Clark & Jane Bailie)

12th Dec 2016 - 12th Dec 2016 Windsor Tennis & Tunes If you are after some great music every Monday - pop down to the Windsor Tennis Club (opposite Glenwood Boy's High)


15th Dec 2016 - 24th Dec 2016 Playhouse Highly-acclaimed director and playwright Duma Ndlovu’s celebrated play, The Game, has been included in The Playhouse Company’s exciting festive season programme

SUCH A NIGHT with Elvis

18th Dec 2016 - 18th Dec 2016 Rhumbelow PMB A festive trip down memory lane, celebrating music from the King of rock & roll, gospel, blues, country, pop ballads and love songs. Who else could we talking about but Elvis!!

Windsor T & T - TAKE2 ( Daniel Sheldon & Gerald Sloan)

19th Dec 2016 - 19th Dec 2016 Windsor Tennis & Tunes If you are after some great music every Monday - pop down to the Windsor Tennis Club (opposite Glenwood Boy's High)


22nd Dec 2016 - 23rd Dec 2016 Playhouse Coming to the Playhouse this December for two performances only (22 & 23 December), Glued is sure to keep audiences glued to every word these mirthful performers utter, and have you rolling in the aisles.


23rd Dec 2016 - 24th Dec 2016 Rhumbelow DBN Head down to the Rhumbelow Theatre for the perfect way to gear up for Christmas and the countdown to 2017! The song sheet offers hits from festive season shows in which the ace team of musicians and singers have featured in recent years, a merry mix of Rock n Roll party favourites saluting all things festive.