The Next 4 Weeks

TARTY FLOWERS - Fawlty Towers Fun

28th Oct 2016 - 6th Nov 2016 Rhumbelow DBN Confirmed Fawlty fans since the ‘70’s, gifted South African comedienne Annie and accomplished Mark – currently back on SABC TV in The Game – now get the chance to share the uniquely Fawlty experience with KZN audiences in their new two-hander comedy show, Tarty Flowers!


11th Nov 2016 - 20th Nov 2016 Rhumbelow DBN For the Paul Simon fans out there, a set list with those “favourites” awaits from “Graceland” to “You can call me Al” & a string of other all timers like “Homeless”, “The boxer”, “Gumboots” & “Diamonds on the sole” to name a few.


13th Nov 2016 - 13th Nov 2016 Rhumbelow PMB This is the true story of how Cat Simoni's life in London changed overnight from unknown ‘BSc SA girl’ crunching numbers in the City, to a five-star 'diva', delivering top-class performances at the Steinways of London's swanky venues.

‘THE CHAIN’ - The Fleetwood Mac Story

19th Nov 2016 - 19th Nov 2016 The Aliwal Theatre The Fleetwood Mac story is an episodic saga that spans more than 30 years, starting in 1967 as a British blues band that later became a California-based pop group in the mid-Seventies. In between came a period where Fleetwood Mac shuffled personnel and experimented with styles, all the while releasing solid albums with chart topping hits.