The Next 4 Weeks

Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist

10th Sep 2019 - 22nd Sep 2019 Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre Perennially mesmerising master of SA stage craft, Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist returns to the province of his birth next month, for seasons in Pietermaritzburg and Durban.


19th Sep 2019 - 22nd Sep 2019 Rhumbelow TINA'S Are you one of those South Africans who is Tired of watching the same old reruns on TV or sub-par performances by our sports teams. Are you feeling depressed about the corruption and crime, load shedding, petrol price and poor service delivery? WELL DON'T WORRY


20th Sep 2019 - 29th Sep 2019 Rhumbelow DBN Darren King, Bryan Hiles and Rowan Bartlett (now all over 40, god help them) return to the Rhumbelow Theatre in Durban with another foray into the murky depths of the Las Vegas underworld.


20th Sep 2019 - 21st Sep 2019 THE PLANT - STATION DRIVE PRECINT While music festivals wax and wane under the strain of competition and usually economic strain, The Durban International Blues Festival has managed to keep its head up high and soldier on at The Plant, Station Road Precinct in Durban from Friday 20th to Saturday 21st September this year.


24th Sep 2019 - 24th Sep 2019 Rhumbelow DBN If history is the story of man’s struggle for betterment, then protest music is the soundtrack to that struggle.

LADIES SING THE BLUES (A Just Theatre KZN Production)

25th Sep 2019 - 29th Sep 2019 Rhumbelow TINA'S Four top KZN singers join forces to bring some of the world’s best loved songs to the stage in a new show, Ladies Sing the Blues.


25th Sep 2019 - 28th Sep 2019 Rhumbelow DBN THE WIZARD OF OZ - A wonder filled, interactive tale Inspired by the work of L Frank Baum. Dorothy Gale and her dog Toto are blown to a land beyond the rainbow where Scarecrow, Tinman and a cowardly Lion, journey with her to find what they want most in life.

NOT FAMOUS! - Jem Atkins Solo Comedy Show

4th Oct 2019 - 6th Oct 2019 Rhumbelow DBN Comedian Jem Atkins is undeniably hilarious in his latest solo offering - ‘Not Famous!’ He’ll share some priceless tips on how to survive tough economic times, the beautiful madness of fatherhood and the hilarious hazards of online dating, all while poking fun at everyday SA life…

FAWLTY FLOWERS! Fawlty Towers Fun

4th Oct 2019 - 6th Oct 2019 Rhumbelow TINA'S Confirmed Fawlty fans since the ‘70’s, gifted South African actors Annie and Mark – now get the chance to share the uniquely Fawlty experience with KZN audiences in their new two-hander comedy show, Fawlty Flowers!

HOT AUGUST NIGHT - The Music of Neil Diamond

4th Oct 2019 - 5th Oct 2019 Rhumbelow NORTHLANDS Born in January 1941, Neil Diamond is an American composer, singer, musician and actor. With 38 songs in the Top 10 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts, Diamond has sold more than 125 million albums worldwide, making him one of the best-selling musicians of all time.

‘THE CHAIN’ - The Fleetwood Mac Story

9th Oct 2019 - 20th Oct 2019 Rhumbelow TINA'S The Fleetwood Mac story is an episodic saga that spans more than 30 years, starting in 1967 as a British blues band that later became a California-based pop group in the mid-Seventies. In between came a period where Fleetwood Mac shuffled personnel & experimented with styles, all the while releasing solid albums with chart topping hits.


11th Oct 2019 - 13th Oct 2019 Rhumbelow DBN Cohen – A Tribute is an exploration of the life and works of the late Leonard Cohen. It features his music and poetry interspersed with anecdotes from his life and other literary writings.


13th Oct 2019 - 13th Oct 2019 Rhumbelow PMB The Swinging Sixties is no doubt let the good times roll again. Dave Monks & Marion Loudon transport you back in time to the “Era of Real Music”.


18th Oct 2019 - 20th Oct 2019 Rhumbelow DBN Willing to take a bold risk DRAG ENTERTAINER, LILLY SLAPTSILLI , has taken almost 22 years to grow a pair as she makes her stand-up debut in a camp, comical romp entitled , I'M GAGGING.