The Next 4 Weeks


13th Mar 2019 - 31st Mar 2019 Rhumbelow TINA'S ‘Rock Guitar Legends’ pays tribute to some of the greatest guitar players of all time with the focus mainly on the classic rock guitarists of the 60s, 70s, and 80s eras. The show features a variety of guitar styles ranging from Hank Marvin to Jimi Hendrix.

ALAKAZAM - Kids March Holiday Show

18th Mar 2019 - 30th Mar 2019 Rhumbelow DBN This March school holiday you can catch Brendon Peel’s highly
successful kids’ magic show, ALAKAZAM! ALAKAZAM! Is a very engaging show, and gets almost everybody involved in the show at some point.


18th Mar 2019 - 30th Mar 2019 Rhumbelow DBN This March you have a rare opportunity to get a glimpse into this realm of magic and mystery, and you too can start your journey on becoming the next great illusionist.


22nd Mar 2019 - 31st Mar 2019 Rhumbelow DBN Is it real, or is it all a trick? - the only way to answer this question is to witness it for yourself in Brendon Peel’s brand new show, The Trickster. Jaw dropping illusions, never before seen feats, and mind blowing magic... this show has it all!

Latin Heat & Flamenco

23rd Mar 2019 - 23rd Mar 2019 UKZN Centre for Jazz The Linda Vargas Flamenco Dance Company brings together international and local artists of the highest calibre for a performance entitled Latin Heat & Flamenco at the UKZN’s Centre for Jazz and Popular Music.

Black Orchid Burlesque

3rd Apr 2019 - 7th Apr 2019 Rhumbelow TINA'S Black Orchid Burlesque is excited to bring you a sensational burlesque extravaganza. Featuring professional performing artistes from around the country, this show is set to dazzle Durban with something they have never seen before. NO UNDER 18'S


5th Apr 2019 - 14th Apr 2019 Rhumbelow DBN This Powerful show starring Tonya Koenderman encapsulates the love of drama and romance as only the French can do. It features songs from the ever passionate Edith Piaf: La Vie En Rose, Mon Dieux, and Je Ne Regrette Rien. The Classics from Jacques


6th Apr 2019 - 6th Apr 2019 Rhumbelow NORTHLANDS Sinatra – A legend whose unique voice soared through almost a century of music - making him one of the most influential popular artists of the 20th Century. A most prolific artist, recording over 1800 songs at least once in his long, illustrious career.


14th Apr 2019 - 14th Apr 2019 Rhumbelow TINA'S Do you remember a time when the only home entertainment we had was our precious radio? Do you remember our universally popular Springbok Radio with its plethora of music shows and quiz shows? Jon Frank Graham on this fun journey with Springbok Radio.

Bublé and Bulsara

19th Apr 2019 - 21st Apr 2019 Rhumbelow TINA'S Jonothan (JJ) Didlick returns to Durban in April, to present his one-man tribute to the music of two different icons and legends of the entertainment industry. Michael Bublé and Freddie Mercury.