Rhumbelow TINA'S

19th Sep 2019 - 22nd Sep 2019

Are you one of those South Africans who is Tired of watching the same old reruns on TV or sub-par performances by our sports teams. Are you feeling depressed about the corruption and crime, load shedding, petrol price and poor service delivery? WELL DON'T WORRY

LADIES SING THE BLUES (A Just Theatre KZN Production)

Rhumbelow TINA'S

25th Sep 2019 - 29th Sep 2019

Four top KZN singers join forces to bring some of the world’s best loved songs to the stage in a new show, Ladies Sing the Blues.

FAWLTY FLOWERS! Fawlty Towers Fun

Rhumbelow TINA'S

4th Oct 2019 - 6th Oct 2019

Confirmed Fawlty fans since the ‘70’s, gifted South African actors Annie and Mark – now get the chance to share the uniquely Fawlty experience with KZN audiences in their new two-hander comedy show, Fawlty Flowers!

‘THE CHAIN’ - The Fleetwood Mac Story

Rhumbelow TINA'S

9th Oct 2019 - 20th Oct 2019

The Fleetwood Mac story is an episodic saga that spans more than 30 years, starting in 1967 as a British blues band that later became a California-based pop group in the mid-Seventies. In between came a period where Fleetwood Mac shuffled personnel & experimented with styles, all the while releasing solid albums with chart topping hits.