Godfrey Johnson in BREL, COWARD & ME

Rhumbelow TINA'S

21st Sep 2018 - 23rd Sep 2018

Godfrey Johnson returns to Durban with a show celebrating some of his favourite artists. An evening of Jacques Brel, Noel Coward, Cole Porter, Leonard Cohen, Kurt Weill and more.

Godfrey Johnson is "UNHINGED"

Rhumbelow TINA'S

26th Sep 2018 - 30th Sep 2018

A cabaret filled with musical madness inspired by Mozart, Bach, Bowie, Beethoven, Brahms and Madonna.


Rhumbelow TINA'S

5th Oct 2018 - 7th Oct 2018

Welcome to The Great British Pub Nite! This Dave Monks production is jam-packed with nostalgia and features more than 50 snippets of the most popular sing-a-long and clap-along songs on the planet.

CHIMES OF FREEDOM - Songs of Protest, Persuasion & Politics

Rhumbelow TINA'S

12th Oct 2018 - 14th Oct 2018

If history is the story of man’s struggle for betterment, then protest music is the soundtrack to that struggle.


Rhumbelow TINA'S

17th Oct 2018 - 21st Oct 2018

This light hearted tribute to Sir Elton John is hoping to take the audience along a relaxing journey through some of Elton John’s hit songs as well as some surprise performances from various “guest” artists.