ADIEU - Comedy Drag Show

Rhumbelow DBN

24th May 2019 - 26th May 2019

It is with heavy hearts and even heavier make-up bags, that we bid an adieu. A goodbye. A so-long. An auf weidersien. A final, but fabulous, frolicsome, fast-change fiesta farewell to the merry members of a disreputable Durban institution!

VASLAV - Based on the diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky

Rhumbelow DBN

29th May 2019 - 2nd Jun 2019

The Rhumbelow Theatre is proud to present the theatrical tour-de-force that is Godfrey Johnson in ‘Vaslav’. Harnessing the potential of three arts-in-one, Johnson ignites the spirit of Nijinsky in this celebration of the magnificent power of sheer performance.


Rhumbelow DBN

7th Jun 2019 - 9th Jun 2019

Two virtuosos, each with their own piano bring you a show that will excite, evoke and entertain. The show includes the work of Bach, Mozart, Sondheim, Bowie, Madonna as well as hilarious original songs by Johnson and McDiarmid.

NOEL, COLE & ME - The Music of Noel Coward & Cole Porter

Rhumbelow DBN

14th Jun 2019 - 16th Jun 2019

Godfrey Johnson has created a show featuring some of the greatest works of Noel Coward and Cole Porter. Familiar songs reworked and reinvented by this award winning performer will surprise and seduce.


Rhumbelow DBN

21st Jun 2019 - 21st Jun 2019

Brace yourself. She’s wild, she’s whacky, she’s wonderful … The delectable Lisa Bobbert unleashes her zany zoo of loopy alter egos in her show, Bobbertlicious.