Rhumbelow PMB

25th Jan 2020 - 25th Jan 2020

Folk singer-songwriter Bob Dylan is one of the most influential and original artists in American music history well known for using his music to chronicle social and political issues.

NOT FAMOUS! - Jem Atkins Solo Comedy Show

Rhumbelow PMB

8th Feb 2020 - 8th Feb 2020

Comedian Jem Atkins is undeniably hilarious in his latest solo offering - ‘Not Famous!’ Atkins lets you peak behind the curtain in this laugh-a-minute exposé of the real life of one of SA’s funniest performers!

MARICO MOON - Herman Charles Bosman

Rhumbelow PMB

9th Feb 2020 - 9th Feb 2020

Brace yourself for hilarious storytelling and witty entertainment at the hands of the spirited, sassy, veldskoen-clad Bosman teller of tales: Barbie Meyer.